PS5 console exclusive Stray has been rated for Xbox

Stray PS5, PS4 Exclusivity Is Coming to an End

Award-winning cat game Stray will no longer be a PlayStation console exclusive as the game has been rated for Xbox One and Series X/S consoles. Publisher Annapurna Interactive has yet to announce Stray’s Xbox release, but US rating board ESRB has already spilled the beans.

Stray launched as PS5, PS4 exclusive on PS Plus

Stray launched on the newly revamped PS Plus in July 2022 alongside PC to positive reviews from users and critics alike. Its day-one availability on the service was called an “anomaly” by PlayStation indies boss, Shuhei Yoshida.

The adventure game, in which players are put in the paws of a stray cat, went on to win numerous awards and was 2022’s most popular PS Plus game. Developed by indie developer BlueTwelve Studio, Stray went on to become Annapurna’s biggest launch ever.

Stray was revealed to be a time-limited console exclusive but neither Sony nor Annapurna announced any time frames. It looks like their PlayStation exclusivity agreement spanned a year.

In our glowing review, we praised Stray for its compelling story and intriguing world, noting that the game “will certainly tug on the heartstrings in places but will not overstay its welcome.”

Xbox players should keep an eye out for this one.