Final Fantasy 16 won't have a day-one update

Final Fantasy 16 Won’t Have a Day-One Patch

Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy 16 won’t come with a day-one update when it launches on June 22. A rarity in this day and age, the decision not to bog players down with a massive patch at launch was taken for a number of reasons, according to director Hiroshi Takai.

Why Final Fantasy 16 won’t have a day-one update

Speaking to Game Informer, Takai said that both he and producer Naoki Yoshida are confident that Final Fantasy 16 is polished enough to launch without a patch. They told the website that they’re happy with the final build and believe that the game is good to go as it is.

Final Fantasy 16 went gold at the end of March, so between then and now, Square Enix’s Creative Business Unit III has had a quite a bit of time for finishing touches. However, Takai said that his team is still bug testing the game daily, so things may change.

That said, Square Enix wants players to jump into Final Fantasy 16 right away so unless a major issue crops up at the last minute, a day-one patch is unlikely. Takai acknowledged that a lot of players who purchase games physically may not have appropriate internet access immediately, and he doesn’t want them to be held back by a patch.