A new report by Bloomberg claims that Comcast is still aggressively pursuing gaming acquisition, possibly eyeing Take-Two.

Report: Comcast Wants to Enter Gaming by Acquiring a Big AAA Publisher

A new report by Bloomberg claims that Comcast is still aggressively pursuing a gaming acquisition, possibly eyeing GTA publisher Take-Two Interactive, Electronic Arts, and others. The telecommunications giant was reportedly in talks with EA as recently as 2022, which apparently fell through. However, CEO Brian Roberts hasn’t given up on his ambitions.

Take-Two prefers independence but would consider acquisition offers

Bloomberg claims that video games is Comcast’s “missing piece” and corroborated a previous report that Roberts briefly explored a deal with EA. EA is home to popular Madden NFL video game franchise and Star Wars, which would fit in with Comcast’s media portfolio.

Take-Two is an interesting proposition. The company is home to some of the biggest video game franchises, and Grand Theft Auto alone makes an acquisition lucrative. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has previously said that although he would consider all offers of acquisition, he prefers independence and Take-Two is certainly in a position to remain independent.

Bloomberg Intelligence’s media analyst Geetha Ranganathan has gone as far as suggesting that Comcast wouldn’t mind snapping Activision Blizzard up if its deal with Microsoft falls through. Roberts may also pursue some kind of partnership with Nintendo. However, these are merely speculations.