Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Development Is 'Progressing Smoothly,' Release Date Being Nailed Down

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Development Is ‘Progressing Smoothly,’ Release Date Being Nailed Down

Square Enix has been very, very quiet about Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, despite it supposedly releasing sometime in the 10 or so months. However, the team has put out a small update about the game and noted that development is progressing well and going “according to plan.”

Square Enix is working on “nailing down” the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth release date

Producer Yoshinori Kitase released this short update through the official Final Fantasy 7 Twitter account. In it, he noted that development was “progressing smoothly” and said in all bold letters that the team was trying to hone in on an exact release date.

“Development is progressing smoothly and according to plan,” said Kitase. “We are currently working on nailing down a release date for the game.”

Rebirth was announced in June 2022 with a release window of winter 2023. However, Square Enix didn’t provide more updates on the PS5 exclusive after that reveal and was instead promoting Final Fantasy 16, which is releasing on June 22. It’s unclear when Square Enix will share more about this highly anticipated title.

Creative director Tetsuya Nomura had previously said during that initial reveal that development was “progressing rapidly” and work had already begun on the third part of the remake. Director Naoki Hamaguchi and Kitase, on the other hand, also stated that they wanted to get the game right even if that takes more time in order to ensure that it is more memorable than the first part of the remake.