Finn Wolfhard joins PlayStation Playmakers

PlayStation Announces Partnership With Stranger Things Star Finn Wolfhard

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced a partnership with Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard as part of its PlayStation Playmakers initiative. In a brief video, Wolfhard asked fans to look out for “awesome stuff” he’s working on with PlayStation.

What’s PlayStation Playmakers?

Announced back in February, PlayStation Playmakers is a marketing initiative that sees Sony tap popular creators, athletes, actors, and artists to work on “exciting” things for players. The family currently includes French footballer Lisa Zimouche, LeBron James, content creator Samara Redway, Japanese-British singer Rina Sawayama, and more. The partnership with LeBron James saw the release of limited edition PS5 DualSense and console cover.

Wolfhard revealed that the first game he ever played was Final Fantasy X on the PS2, and he “hasn’t been able to stop playing since.”

“The Playmakers are a dynamic talent network that will continue to evolve and grow; they’re part of our journey to inspire gaming fans and prove the power of play,” SIE marketing executive Eric Lempel said in February. When asked why Sony chose to launch the program this year, Lempel said that it was the right time to do so as the PS5 became more widely available worldwide.

We’ll update our readers when we find out what Wolfhard is “cooking.”