Alan Wake 2 Pre-Order Pricing platforms bonus items deluxe edition

Alan Wake 2 Pre-Order: Pricing, Bonus Items, Deluxe Edition Differences & More

Alan Wake 2 is available to pre-order on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S. In this sequel to the 2010 cult hit (and Control’s AWE DLC), a series of ritualistic murders occur in Bright Falls, Washington, 13 years after the disappearance of best-selling horror author Alan Wake. FBI agent Saga Anderson is dispatched to Bright Falls to investigate the murders, where she becomes entangled in a supernatural horror narrative penned by Wake to escape his captivity.

Here’s how to pre-order Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 pre-order guide

Alan Wake 2 Pre-Order Bonus Items

Alan Wake 2 is available to pre-order. However, Remedy has opted for a digital only release. So, you won’t see it at retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, or any of the other thousands of retailers I won’t list.

You can pre-order Alan Wake 2 via the following:

  • PS Store
    • Standard Edition: $59.99
    • Deluxe Edition: $79.99
  • Epic Games Store
    • Standard Edition: $49.99
    • Deluxe Edition: $69.99
  • Xbox Store
    • Standard Edition: $59.99
    • Deluxe Edition: $79.99

Those who pre-order will get two bonus items:

  • Ornate Revolver Skin for Alan
  • Survival Resources Pack for Saga

What do you get in the Alan Wake 2 Deluxe Edition?

You get the following items by purchasing the Alan Wake 2 Deluxe Edition:

  • Alan Wake 2 base game
  • Pre-order items
  • Expansion Pass
  • Celebrity Suit for Alan
  • Crimson Windbreaker for Saga
  • Lantern Charm for Saga
  • Parliament Shotgun Skin for Alan

On top of the base game, the Deluxe Edition provides several additional items, including a celebrity suit for Alan and a crimson windbreaker for Saga. You will also get the Lantern Charm for Saga and the Parliament Shotgun Skin for Alan, adding a distinct touch to your gaming experience.

Moreover, an Expansion Pass is included in the Deluxe Edition. This pass will grant you access to future content expansions, ensuring that you get immediate access to all forthcoming DLC. This is a handy feature for those who are keen to explore every nook and cranny of the evolving story.

The pre-order comes with special bonuses as well. You will receive an ornate revolver skin for Alan and a Survival Resources Pack for Saga. These bonus items can provide an edge in the gameplay, giving you a head-start as you navigate through the mysteries of Bright Falls.

Remember, the digital-only release means you can easily pre-order the game from the comfort of your home. Simply visit the PS Store, Epic Games Store, or Xbox Store, choose your preferred edition, and start the countdown for a thrilling gaming journey. Alan Wake 2 promises a deeper dive into the eerie, supernatural narrative that enthralled players in its first installment. Don’t miss the chance to uncover the secrets that lie ahead in Bright Falls.