football manager premier league license

Football Manager Gains English Premier League License

SI and SEGA have announced the Football Manager series will have the English FA Premier League license in future entries.

The long-running management game series has been wildly popular despite lacking the license for the top league in English football. But now, the English top flight will become fully licensed in Football Manager, joining other top European and World leagues.

The trailer below gives a brief teaser on why the Premier League license is such a big win for SI and SEGA.

Football Manager and Premier League unite

Behind every iconic moment is a manager. Create your own Premier League moments with the official license coming to Football Manager. This multi-year partnership will elevate the top-flight experience in future editions of FM with all 20 teams fully licensed, across titles. More information on the Premier League’s in-game integration and partnership activities will be revealed later in the year. Sign up to FMFC to be the first in line when that info drops:

Console fans have only recently been able to get close to a proper Football Manager experience (with caveats), with PS5 players only getting a console version in the last couple of years. EA FC (formerly FIFA) also features the Premier League license.