Valorant PS5 trophies

Valorant Is Yet Another PS5 Game With No Platinum Trophy

Valorant PS5 trophies have gone live ahead of its limited beta, and some players have been left disappointed due to the lack of a Platinum trophy. Recently, an increasing amount of multiplayer games have been released without the coveted prize, but there seems to be no consistency when it comes to this.

Valorant PS5 trophies are a lot of work for no Platinum

There is a general consensus that free-to-play shooters don’t come with Platinum trophies but that isn’t quite true. Both Overwatch 2 and last year’s The Finals have Platinum trophies. Square Enix’s Foamstars isn’t free-to-play nor is its trophy list a walk in the park, yet it doesn’t come with a Platinum trophy either. Call of Duty is one of the biggest series to join the “No Platinum” club on PS5.

Looking at Valorant’s trophy list, there seem to be quite a few grindy and tricky trophies. Unless boosted, they won’t be easy to pop. Having a Platinum trophy would have sweetened the deal but alas, Valorant doesn’t come with one.

It’s unclear how devs approach trophies, but players have often blamed Sony for the lack of consistency. After all, Platinum is the ultimate prize for completing the main trophy list so its addition technically shouldn’t be hard regardless of how small the trophy hunting community is.