Stellar Blade free trial

Stellar Blade Gets Big PS Plus Premium Game Trial

PS Plus Premium subscribers can play a big chunk of Stellar Blade for free right now. The game already has a demo on the PS Store, the progress from which carries over. Add to that the current game trial, and players have plenty to get their hands on.

How to play several hours of Stellar Blade for free

The PS Plus Premium game trial is two hours long. Before starting the trial, you can check out the demo and carry your progress over. The demo itself is about an hour long. Should you purchase the full game, everything from both the demo and trial will carry over.

Stellar Blade’s main story takes about 20-22 hours to beat, but those who want to dabble into side quests will be spending about 40 hours. We do recommend getting those side quests done if you purchase the full game because Stellar Blade’s bosses aren’t exactly pushovers.

Stellar Blade is also currently part of the PlayStation Stars rewards program. Unfortunately, however, PlayStation Stars has been offline for about a week, so if you want to redeem your points towards the game, you’ll have to wait. Sony has acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix.