Wonder Woman game by Monolith Productions and Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman Game’s Story Leaked, Will Mainly Feature Female Villains – Report

Monolith Productions’ Wonder Woman game has had its story details and concept art leaked by an online survey, it seems. If real, the game is set to feature “a predominantly female set of villains” in an open-world action adventure.

Wonder Woman game concept art leaked alongside story

Screenshots of the survey were originally shared on Reddit. We won’t embed anything here due to potential copyright strikes but a copy can be found on ResetEra. The survey also contains concept art, which showcases the open world of Themyscira inspired by Greek mythology.

As for the story, it’ll feature villains like Circe, Medusa, and Cheetah. Circe invades Wonder Woman’s homeland, prompting her to return to Themyscira and take down her foes. The game will feature “fast-paced, free-flow combat with devastating combos and powerful weapons,” including Lasso of Truth.

Wonder Woman will also feature Monolith’s signature Nemesis System, with procedurally generated allies and enemies. Additionally, “iconic” DC characters will make an appearance.

Fans are speculating that either the leak stems from an old survey or Wonder Woman is still in early development because it asks respondents questions like what kind of attacks and abilities they expect the character to use during combat.

It was recently reported that Wonder Woman is in development hell, so make of this what you will.