New Astro Bot PS5 game

Astro Bot One of the Most Anticipated Games Following Summer Showcases

With summer gaming events wrapped up, Astro Bot has quickly become one of the most anticipated and wishlisted PS5 games of 2024. Often referred to as the new PlayStation mascot, the titular character seems to have stolen hearts yet again.

Astro Bot beat Doom as the most wishlisted PS5 game in summer 2024

According to data gathered by IGN (via, Astro Bot was the most wishlisted game between May 30 and June 12, beating the likes of Doom: The Dark Ages and Gears of War: E-Day. The website’s data understandably has limitations, but when PlayStation asked its X followers which games they were looking forward to the most this year, Astro Bot was a recurring answer.

A similar response is seen on gaming forums like Reddit, where a large number of players named Astro Bot as their most anticipated game of the remainder of 2024, followed by Black Myth: Wukong. There’s relatively less interest in Lego Horizon Adventures, but what ultimately sells well commercially isn’t based on online polls.

That said, both Astro Bot and Black Myth: Wukong have received positive previews and so has Lego Horizon Adventures. The Team Asobi title seems to have the ingredients to become one of 2024’s biggest surprise hits.