PS Stars Days of Play

Sony Offers Free Astro Avatars in Lieu of PS Stars as Days of Play Ends

Sony has once again acknowledged the ongoing PS Stars outage as Days of Play 2024 campaign comes to an end with no resolution in sight. Players are still locked out of redeeming their points and it’s unclear if they’re earning points for their purchases while the loyalty program is down.

Redeem free avatars while PS Stars Days of Play digital collectible is inaccessible

In addition to being locked out of points, PS Stars members have also been temporarily denied the Days of Play Community Celebration Digital Collectible. Sony says it’ll share more information on the status of PS Stars and when players can redeem said collectible, but in the meantime, use the regional codes below to unlock four Astro Bot avatars (pictured above) for free:

  • North America: MKHX-PJGL-HQA2
  • Europe, Australia, and New Zealand: JPFQ-66LN-QGLJ
  • Japan: 4GDE-JE36-4L6E
  • South Korea: 8M8N-HE7E-A8XP

“We’re aware of an issue with PlayStation Stars and are actively working on a solution,” reads an official statement on the PlayStation website. “We’ll share more information on redeeming the Days of Play Community Celebration Digital Collectible as soon as we have it. In the meantime, we’re giving four Astro avatars to the community to say thank you for taking part.”

It’s not a lot, but it’s something!

The freebie is only available until July 11, 2024, so grab it before it’s gone.