Stellar Blade sales

Stellar Blade Dev Shares Sales Update, Potential DLC Plans

Shift Up has provided a brief update on Stellar Blade‘s sales, calling the game’s performance “a great first step for a major global IP.” According to the studio’s estimates, cumulative sales of Stellar Blade have already exceeded one million copies, which it considers an excellent result for a brand new IP released exclusively on the PS5.

Stellar Blade sales put into context

There’s already some speculation on social media that Stellar Blade has underperformed. Not quite. For comparison purposes, fellow Korean dev Neowiz Games’ Lies of P crossed a million copies more than a month after its release. The game launched on all platforms except the Nintendo Switch.

“Pre-sales before launch and post-launch sales are progressing smoothly,” Shift Up said in a statement. Between April and May, the developer earned nearly $15 million in revenue from Stellar Blade, according to Korean website

That said, Shift Up understandably wants to maximize sales, and has reiterated that a PC port and a sequel are both being considered. Additionally, the studio is looking into paid DLC, and has said that it may seek collaborations with other companies’ IPs.

“The game is a PS5 exclusive, which hasn’t seen the same level of penetration and activation as PS4, and the main consumer base for AAA games has been shifting to PCs,” Shift Up said. “We are currently looking at a PC version of Stellar Blade, which we believe would be a great way to monetize the IP once again.”