Concord Open Beta Date

Concord Open Beta and Early Access Dates Confirmed

Firewalk Studios has announced the dates for the Concord open beta, as well as when players can get into the Early Access weekend before that. Both the open beta and Early Access beta will be available on PS5 and PC, with optional cross-play support able to bring players together on both platforms.

The Concord open beta and early access dates

The Concord open beta will begin on July 18, 2024, and will run until July 21. However, those who preorder any version of the game will get five codes for the Early Access beta that runs from July 12 to July 14. This allows them to bring along four friends for the first opportunity to get hands-on with the multiplayer shooter.

The beta weekends offer access to all 16 playable Freegunners that will be available at launch in August. These include Haymar, Vale, Lennox, 1-0FF, and Star Child who all appeared in the reveal trailer, as well as new characters like It-Z, Teo, and Bazz. Each has its own abilities, traversal, and gunplay feel to accommodate a range of playstyles.

The Early Access beta will have three game modes — Trophy Hunt, Cargo Run, and Clash Point. When the open beta begins the following weekend, a fourth Area Control mode will also become available:

  • Trophy Hunt: A respawn-based mode where you fight to take down members of the rival crew and collect their bounty cards to earn points for your team. The first team to reach the target score before time runs out wins the match.
  • Cargo Run: A no-respawn mode where teams compete to retrieve the Blue Buddy robotic package delivery system, plant it at one of the zones, and defend it from the rival crew to win.
  • Clash Point: A round-based, no-respawn game mode where teams compete to control a single capture zone at a central location on the map.
  • Area Control: A respawn mode where teams compete to control multiple capture and control zones around the map. Control two or more zones to increase your team’s score and reach the point threshold to win.

Four maps will be in rotation during the Early Access beta. Freewater is a fortified outpost on the planet of Glance with a large central area and perimeter lanes. Water Hazard is a large floating fishing rig on the water-covered planet of Leviathan with a captured Morack as its centerpiece. An ancient observatory atop the tallest mountain on the planet Gloom is the setting for Star Chamber, while Shock Risk takes place beneath a massive conductive kite in the sky that harvests lightning on the planet Leviathan.

Finally, when the open beta begins, a fifth map will be added to the collection; Bone Mines is set amidst mining caverns and the skeletal remains of massive vastadons on Akkar.