Sunset Overdrive PS4 or PS5 Release Is Highly Unlikely

Sunset Overdrive PS5 Port Isn’t Happening Because Insomniac Is ‘Busy’

Insomniac Games has dashed fan hopes for Sunset Overdrive PS5 / PS4 port, stating that it’s a little too busy to be working on it. A PlayStation version of the Xbox exclusive has been requested by fans ever since Sony Interactive Entertainment acquired Insomniac. Although Sunset Overdrive was published by Microsoft, SIE now owns the IP.

Sunset Overdrive PS5, PS4 ports might not happen at all

Over on X, Insomniac shared a clip of Sunset Overdrive’s respawn animations, prompting fans to ask why there isn’t a PlayStation release yet. The developer said in response that it’s busy working on Marvel’s Wolverine.

When asked why it was sharing Sunset Overdrive clips if there wasn’t a planned announcement of some sort, Insomniac said that it’s posting about its legacy games to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

That said, if recent leaks are to be believed, Sunset Overdrive might never get a PlayStation release because Microsoft reportedly still holds publishing rights to the game. A leaked document reveals that the Xbox maker also holds publishing rights for at least two sequels and “any associated DLC, ports, and derivative games.” 

The aforementioned document further reveals that Sunset Overdrive 2 was canceled in favor of Marvel’s Spider-Man, a year after which Insomniac was acquired by SIE.