Days Gone 2 release date would have been set in 2023

Bend Studio Seemingly Fed Up With Days Gone 2 Discourse

Bend Studio staffers seem to have had enough of the chatter surrounding the non-existent Days Gone 2. The original release has garnered a cult following, and ever since its developers revealed that Sony turned down the pitch for a sequel, neither fans nor the game’s former devs seem to be able to let go of it.

Days Gone 2 isn’t happening and it’s “time to move on,” says Bend Studio community manager

Days Gone director John Garvin, who was let go by Sony, and co-director Jeff Ross continue to tweet about the sequel(s) that never came to be from time to time. The duo are evidently unhappy with Sony’s handling of the original and its refusal to greenlight a sequel, with Garvin stating that he’d jump to make another Days Gone if given the opportunity.

In a separate tweet, Garvin said that he planned a Days Gone trilogy.

All of this seems to have vexed Bend Studio community manager Kevin McAllister, who said that it’s time for everyone to move on.

It’s frankly hard to blame McAllister for appearing frustrated here. The recurring Days Gone tweets are as annoying as recurring Bloodborne rumors at this point, and it doesn’t help that fans won’t quit clogging Bend Studio’s timeline with demands for a sequel despite it being Sony’s decision.