PlayStation Portal sales update

PlayStation Portal Sales Continue to Prove Naysayers Wrong

Sony‘s PlayStation Portal gamble has paid off, if sales are anything to go by. Eight months after its release, the PS5 accessory continues to sell in major markets. According to Circana, the PS5 remote player was U.S. market’s best-selling accessory in dollar sales for the month of May as well as the year 2024 to date.

PlayStation Portal sales have surprised Sony itself

Analysts, journalists, and industry professionals expressed a lot of skepticism when the PS Portal was first announced. In fact, the handheld was criticized for lacking a number of features at launch, including but not limited to its inability to cloud stream.

Meanwhile, Sony insisted that the PS Portal is a niche product designed to cater to a very specific market: those who want to play games on their PS5 away from the TV. The company promised improvements and more features that make sense going forward.

Sony has previously said that PS Portal sales exceeded its own expectations, and from the looks of it, the remote player is nowhere close to dying off.

“Reddit really underestimated how appealing it is to play Elden Ring on my patio at night,” one user joked. “I don’t understand how it outsold the PS Vita,” wrote another.

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