Bloodborne PS5

Sony Mistakenly Tags Bloodborne DLC as PS5 Game in PS Stars Rewards

PlayStation Stars is mostly back online worldwide (North America yet to follow), and players have instantly noticed a blooper: Bloodborne DLC The Old Hunters mistakenly tagged as a PS5 game in the rewards section. Although this is just another PSN error that we’ve become accustomed to, lack of a native Bloodborne PS5 version (or a sequel) is a sore point among fans, and this bug certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed.

No, Sony isn’t dropping any Bloodborne PS5 hints, sadly

The Old Hunters is available to redeem for 5,000 points. When clicking through the rewards section, this is what PS Stars members see (the image below is our own):

Prior to PS Stars going offline, The Old Hunters was correctly marked as PS4 content, as can be seen in this three-month old Reddit post:

Numerous Reddit threads highlighting the error have already popped up. “My heart skipped a beat,” wrote one Redditor. “Probably visual error, but hey, daily BB copium,” wrote another.

Unfortunately, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the blooper has also resulted in some fans getting their hopes up. “Maybe we [will] finally get [a] PS5 port?” a fan wrote on the PS Stars subreddit, before proceeding to share an API string to convince themselves that something is happening on that front.