PS3 Review – Batman Arkham Asylum

September 4, 2009Written by Richard Allen


This wouldn’t be a Batman game without the signature stealth. Arkham provides some sneaky moments that would make Solid Snake sweat a little. Each area’s environments offers numerous ways to silently take down the Joker’s henchmen. The inverted takedown is sure to be a favorite and really satisfies. Additionally some batgear is quite helpful in creating strategic distractions. Going head to head with armed foes is not suggested as your armor only protects so much.


Being the world’s greatest detective is no easy task. WayneTech provides Batman with various sensors that extend his vision beyond the normal spectrum. With a tap of a button detective mode is engaged, things look different and people are visible through walls.  Important clues are easy to see as well as exits for the room.  Detective mode reveals weak walls which can be broken through with the right equipment. At certain points clues will be discovered which will provide a trail.  While the detective moments are few and rather simple, it works as a great device to properly pace the plot.


The Dark Knight is equipped with nine devices by the end of the game. Starting out with only the grapple gun and the batarang other devices, familiar and unfamiliar, soon appear. The batarang has a few different forms that help both in combat and in stealth.  Weak walls are no match against the batclaw or explosive gel. Out of reach areas become easily accessible with the line launcher. Certain areas are protected electronically which will require the use of the cryptographic sequencer in order to get through. Each use engages a quick mini-game in order to hack the door open.

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