Media Streaming, Pets, and More Showcased for PlayStation Home

September 5, 2009Written by Kishen Patel


As shown at GamesCom just a few weeks before, PlayStation Home is receiving quite a bit of love. On top of receiving tons of content regularly and major overhauls as of late, the PlayStation Home galore isn’t going to stop anytime soon. By the looks of it, Sony has something big up their sleeves for the Tokyo Game Show about their online social community.

Showcased at the CESA Developers Conference in Japan, SCE’s Masami Kando demoed some enticing features for Home in their developmental stage. Perhaps the most anticipated out of the bunch is the ability to stream live audio and video broadcasts such as podcasts and TV shows in-sync with your friends.

Finally, as confirmed by Home Community Manager, Locust_Star, PlayStation Home’s upcoming pet feature was demoed at CESA as well. Lastly, full PlayStation Store integration in Home was shown off.

Although still officially in the open beta stage, PlayStation Home is looking to evolve beyond what was promised when the service was first unveiled.