Starhawk Getting Closer to Lift-off

September 22, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Warhawk fans, and PS3 gamers alike are getting excited for something potentially massive coming from the newly formed Lightbox Interactive.

Starhawk, the supposed sequel to Warhawk, has come along way since April of this year when the title “Starhawk” was trademarked. If the title is indeed what Dylan Jobe, Studio Director of Lightbox Interactive, has been working on, then get excited for some news coming straight from his Twitter page.

“Getting my thoughts in order for next week — Another milestone. It’s really great to see it take shape! But I think the most exciting thing is that we’re going to be starting our focused, internal playtests very soon!! I call them ‘Hate-Sessions’. It’s when everyone in the studio plays the game and gets to bash on the stuff they don’t like, and we only say the stuff we don’t like. I don’t care about what we’re doing well, only about fixing the bad systems or interactions. I know it may seem odd and overly simple but it works for us.”

If the game has come this far in development, may we expect to see something for the title soon? Comment below, and stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle!