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PSP Goes to Retailers With New SKU

October 3, 2009Written by Kyle P.


According to an informant of PlayStation Insider, Sony is currently developing a new PSP model, to complement the just released PSPgo. With this latest leak, it certainly seems like Sony is going full force with their handheld behemoth.

This new version will apparently retain the Bluetooth functionality the PSPgo boasts, and will utilize the UMD physical format, instead of opting for digital distribution. However, according to the source, Sony may keep 16 GB’s of internal memory inside the PSP. This new SKU will not be as dramatic as the PSPgo. It probably would be called the PSP-4000, and not something new altogether.

As with all rumors, we must take this with a grain of salt. Until PlayStation LifeStyle can independently confirm this, we will be hesitant. However, it isn’t a silly notion to think that Sony isn’t working, or at least planning on a new handheld to complement the PSPgo. The only thing we can question is the inclusion of internal memory, since this is the main selling point of the PSPgo.