IntesnaFIRE Mod Enables Rapid Fire, Crazy K/D Ratio

May 18, 2010Written by Steven Garcia

It’s an event that happens all too often. You’re caught in an intense battle, exchanging shots
with your arch nemesis – at least for this round – and you’re defeated not because your skills pale in comparison, no, but because your damn gun won’t fire fast enough. Yeah, that’s it. Well, kids, the geniuses over at BDRMODS got you covered.

Soon, as in this Friday, you too will be able to get your cheat on with the super easy to install IntesnaFIRE controller mod. Like its Xbox 360 contemporary, this “engineering marvel” grants users an unfair advantage the ability perform rapid fire actions via a number of programmable modes while playing their favorite first person shooters. And it does it all without the need for glue or solder while demanding only $70 at the register.

We can definitely see the appeal for such a product and totally understand if you just want to mess around with it, but you can’t deny the potential this has ruin an online experience. We’d hate to see the number of users running amuck with these devices suddenly sky rocket, but should it occur, Sony will definitely have to step in and bring the hammer down on them a la Xbox Live bans.