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Super Robot Wars Z Strikes with Lengthy Trailer

March 30, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

The Super Robot Wars series seldom makes it outside of Japan, but within the country, it has a sizable fanbase. One gauge of this can be seen in the PSP-exclusive’s strong showing within Famitsu’s perodic Most-Wanted polls. Due out April 14 in Japan, Banpresto recently released a 16-minute video showing off the game and delivering plenty of teases to eager fans. It functions as an intro, trailer, and also somewhat of a tutorial. It’s also not shy at all about showing off all the many characters this tactical RPG borrows from the world-famous Gundam and Macross anime sagas, among others.

Without further ado, here’s the video:


The official packaging was also revealed, and can be seen below.

There is no official announcement for a stateside release, but Atlus USA has dabbled in localizing portable entries for the series in the past, so nothing’s impossible.