Second Super Robot Wars X Trailer Published, Reveals the Game’s Original Characters

Bandai Namco had held a new live stream for Super Robot Wars X today in Japan, where they also published the second official trailer for the newly anticipated Super Robot Wars game.

While showing off more of the game’s world settings and gameplay systems in addition to appearing characters and robots, this trailer also introduces Super Robot Wars X‘s original robot and characters for the first time, which you can see at the 5:23 mark. As with past Super Robot Wars games, players can choose between the male or female protagonist.

The male protagonist is named Iori Iolite, who is voiced by Ryohei Arai, while the female one is named Amari Aquamarine and she will be voiced by Satomi Sato. Both of them are designed by Yun Kouga of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 fame, will be accompanied by a magic parrot named Hopes (who can speak well and is voiced by Keiichi Noda), and will pilot the Zelguard, an Auto-Warlock that serves as the game’s original robot.

Although the following are only shown briefly in the trailer, the live stream also introduced the original enemy character and robot in Super Robot Wars X, which can be seen at the 37-minute mark of the stream. Enter Celric Obsidian, a man wearing a monocle on his left eye who is voiced by Mitsuaki Madono and pilots a robot named Warth Deenbell. Not much else is divulged about them as the details would become spoilers to the game’s story.

Super Robot Wars X will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on March 29. It will also have an English localization for Southeast Asia, coming to the same platforms on April 26.

[Source: Bandai Namco]