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Meet Super Robot T’s Original Characters

While the big draw for any Super Robot Wars game is the anime crossover and, well, the giant robots, they also feature plenty of original characters too. The newest trailer for Super Robot Wars T puts a spotlight on these new people and an original mech. In addition, the trailer shows off nearly eleven minutes of gameplay!

Check out the newest Super Robot Wars T trailer here:

The original mecha is known as Tiranade, and it’s designed by notable science fiction artist Hidetaka Tenjin. However, any good mech story is about the humans just as much as it’s about the vehicles. Super Robot Wars T features a trio of original characters, in addition to the numerous anime series.  All three are voiced by some notable voice actors in the anime world. The first is Tokitou Saizou, who’s voiced by Takeshi Kusao. Super Robot Wars T also features a couple of leading ladies taking a part of the action. Sakurai Sagiri is voiced by Umeka Shouji, and Amasaki Rami is voiced by Ai Kakuma.

Super Robot Wars T is the latest in the long-running series of tactical role-playing games. A big part of it involves the crossover between various anime series. The main headliner this time is the addition of legendary anime Cowboy Bebop, which makes its Super Robot Wars debut. Other series involved include Mobile Suit GundamGunbuster, and more.

Super Robot Wars T is heading to Japan for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on March 20, 2019. A full English localization hasn’t been announced, but Southeast Asia will get a version with English subtitles.

[Source: Gematsu]