Browser Based Games Coming To PS3? Sony Patents BBGs For DualShock, Move

April 19, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

With gaming being such an incredibly expensive hobby, free-to-play titles are growing increasingly popular on PCs as well as mobiles. For consoles, however, high development costs and restrictive stores mean that such games are a rarity on the platforms. Looking to change that, Sony may be planning on bringing browser based games to the PS3, possibly even through a special BBG store.

In a recently published patent that was filed back in 2009, Sony Computer Entertainment America have patented plans to specifically customise browser games to work with the DualShock 3 and/or PlayStation Move (called here the “Wand”), rather than a normal mouse.

Interestingly, another part of the patent offers an example of how these specially made browser based games would be found through the PS3 (or even PSP): A store or search function that would include games from Sony:

Of course, the current PlayStation 3 browser is incapable of effectively portraying some websites, let alone full blown browser games, so the browser would need an upgrade – something that has recently been rumored.

Would you like to play browser based games on the PlayStation 3, or is your machine only used for full blown console titles? Share your thoughts in the comments below.