Keiji Inafune’s New Title Ready to Show, TGS Just wasn’t the Right Time

September 21, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

Ever since Keiji Inafune left Capcom not too long ago, gamers everywhere have been eager to see what his next project will be. While he has been hard at work developing social games with his studio Comcept, he’s also bringing a much bigger title to consoles with his development team over at Intercept.

Joystiq got a chance to meet up with Mr. Inafune at the Tokyo Game Show and ask him about his upcoming game and why it wasn’t at the show. He responded by saying:

We decided not to.

As for titles which aren’t social games [it would be] very, very soon.

He also pointed out the fact that the game was prepped and ready to show; however, he decided not against it mainly because of how crowded the event was.

He went on to tease how soon we might see his next big title, explaining “by the time you guys get back to North America, we might have something releasing.” Though after hearing that this would mean as early as September 19th, he responded, “that’s a bit too soon, it’s going to be a little longer.”