Keiji Inafune Takes Full Responsibility for Mighty No. 9 Launch Criticisms

Earlier this week, the long-awaited arrival of Comcept’s crowdfunded platformer Mighty No. 9 was marred by a series of launch woes. 

Negative reviews coupled with quality issues resulted in a sizeable backlash from both early adopters and Kickstarter supporters, with reports claiming that the studio issued wrong codes to backers.

Addressing this reaction during a launch Twitch stream was Creator Keiji Inafune. Speaking via long-time translator Ben Judd, the esteemed developer first appeared to hit back at those critics by claiming the launch version of Mighty No. 9 was “better than nothing.”

Alas, as Eurogamer notes, Inafune didn’t say those words verbatim, and Judd himself tends to add in his own thoughts when translating for the executive. Here’s an extract of Inafune taking responsibility for Mighty No. 9‘s disappointing launch. 

Inafune-san said, “You know, I want to word this in a way to explain some of the issues that come with trying to make a game of this size on multiple platforms.” He’s like, “I’m kind of loath to say this because it’s going to sound like an excuse and I don’t want to make any excuses. I own all the problems that came with this game and if you want to hurl insults at me, it’s totally my fault. I’m the key creator. I will own that responsibility.”

Mighty No. 9 launched across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Wii U, and PC in North America earlier this week. It didn’t fare too well in our review, though. 

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