God of War Director: “I Won’t Be Showing Anything” At PlayStation Experience

October 31, 2016Written by Jason Dunning


Over the last couple of weeks, God of War Director Cory Barlog responded to a number of fan questions, including one about a possible appearance at PlayStation Experience in December. According to Barlog, he won’t be showing off God of War at PSX:

Sadly, I won’t be showing anything of the game at PSX, just heading there to hang out with PlayStation fans and play games.

When Sony Santa Monica is ready to give us another look at God of War, they’ll show us something really awesome. “I’ll have something cool, for sure,” Barlog said. “But not a live action spot though. Making a game not a movie so I will always show game.” He then added, “But I promise we will be showing something really awesome when it is ready.”

Barlog also revealed a few more pieces of information:

  • We’ll learn the name of Kratos’ son before God of War releases, but it hasn’t been revealed yet because Barlog is “having a hard time deciding on the final name.”
  • God of War is written by Barlog, Rich Gaubert (Lost Planet 3), and Matt Sophos (Lost Planet 3).
  • Kratos will never be free of his memories. He “has to learn to live with them and move forward.”
  • God of War will “benefit from the power” of the PS4 Pro, “you just don’t need a Pro to get the experience we intend.”
  • Barlog played the whole God of War E3 demo. “Practiced a lot since everyone was nervous I was going to screw up. I did not,” he said.”
  • The Troll section in the demo is the first time the boy has encountered one.

When do you think we’ll see more God of War?

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