Watch Real Life Astronaut Sackboy’s Adventures to (Near) Space

November 2, 2012Written by Jesse Meikle

PlayStation’s (just barely) unofficial mascot Sackboy has gone on an immeasurable amount of diverse adventures across every conceivable environment imaginable. So, it seems fitting that Sony recently sent a real-life Sackboy plushie nearly into space.

But, Sackboy didn’t venture into the sackosphere alone! The adorable mascot for creativity soared into the sky in a flight rig equipped with four Sony Action Cams – creating a 360 degree panoramic of the event. Oh, and the little romantic took a picture of Sackgirl along for the ride, because a Sack-boy has needs.

Sackboy made his great ascent with a meteorological balloon filled with five cubic meters of helium. Sackboy rose quickly at 15 feet per second before his balloon failed him, causing the mascot in the making to abruptly plummet 95, 000 feet to his timely safety.

Sackboy ended up traveling 69 km away from the launch site at speeds exceeding 90 km/h. You can watch a beautiful, entertainingly over climactic video of the experience below.

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