Rumor: Sony is “Prepared to do Whatever it Takes” to Launch the PS4 in Europe During 2013, Claims Source

May 14, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


When it came to the PlayStation 3’s launch, Sony dropped the ball in European regions, with them getting it 4 months after Japan and North America. Due to this, when we did our Ask PSLS about whether we thought the PS4 would be releasing this year, more than a couple people didn’t have high hopes for Europe seeing it in 2013.

If a source from CVG is to be trusted though (someone they say is “a company insider”), Sony is “prepared to do whatever it takes” to bring the PlayStation 4 to Europe this year. The reasoning behind this is that, with the Xbox 360 outselling the PlayStation 3 in the UK, Sony doesn’t want Microsoft to dominate the region during the next-generation. Microsoft is also thought to be more aggressively pursuing the European market next gen.

The article also claims that if supply is limited at the time of launch, the United States and Europe would be getting priority over Japan, which is seen as a safe market.

Since this is an unnamed source and Sony declined to comment on the matter, we’ll just have to wait and see if the PS4 does see a worldwide release this holiday, something possibly set to be announced at E3 2013 next month.

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