Ask PSLS: Do you Think the PS4 Will be Out in 2013?

Now in our second week of asking PS4 questions, we’ll be moving away from the price and onto when we’ll actually see the new console. With a big press event scheduled for February 20th, it seems like a 2013 release could be a major possibility, but all the same, we asked the PSLS staff: Do You Think the PS4 Will be Out in 2013?

Anthony Severino – Will Eventually Own 4 PS4’s (@Sev_Anthony)

Consoles typically launch in November about one week before Black Friday to ensure that initial supply is depleted quickly and sufficient buzz is generated. I’m sure the PS4 will follow suit, unless they’re specifically trying to preempt Microsoft. If that is the case, I would think September would be an ideal time for its release in the United States. Expect a similar launch pattern in Japan. However, Europe will likely get a bum deal again and have to wait until March of 2014 before it launches in that region. No matter where, how, or how much, I will have a PlayStation 4 at launch.

Cameron Teague – PR Manager/Reviews Coordinator (@Cameron_PSLS)

I think Sony has to come out first, so I see an aggressive launch with the PS4 releasing around late May in Japan, and mid June in the US. This will let them hype it up at E3 and then release it while the hype is still fresh, while Europe will get it sometime late 2013.

Chandler Wood – Just Now Waking Up From His Dead Space 3 Coma (@FinchStrife)

I can see a staggered release for the PS4, with Japan getting it first, sometime in late summer or early fall. North Americans will be graced by its presence next, with a release sometime before Black Friday, in order to capitalize on Americans’ crazy retail hunger and holiday rush.

I predict that no matter if the JP and NA releases are staggered or not, the PS4 will be out this year. Europe won’t see it until next year, which means that Sebastian is going to be even more of a Grumpy Gus for the 3-6 months before he gets to pick one up, which he won’t ever play anyway once he does get it, because everyone knows he doesn’t ACTUALLY play games. Maybe I’ll just send him the box from mine and he can pretend…

Dan Oravasaari – Wishes He Looked As Good As Sebastian  (@FoolsJoker)

Yes, to put it simply. I am willing to bet both Seb and Chandler’s lives, and careers, on the fact that the PS4 will have a launch this year. Although, If I was to put a date on it, I would say a November launch for the US, October for Japan, and probably 2018 for Europe.

Jason Dunning – Lead News Writer (@Jasonad21)

Even without reading Sebastian’s thoughts on the matter, I can pretty much guess that he’ll say yes, but Europe will have to wait until 2014. So, in the interest of disagreeing with him, I’ll say that Japan and Europe will get the PS4 in 2013, while North America will have to wait for 2014 to roll around before it releases.

In all seriousness though, I was expecting the PS4 to come out worldwide in 2014, but after the big event on February 20th was announced, I now think that we’ll see a worldwide PS4 launch by the end of the year.

Louis Edwards – Writer (@ftwrthtx)

With the rule of supply and demand, I think we can expect to see the PS4 released in Japan as early as this summer, with a North American and European release coming around US Thanksgiving. This would allow the Motherland to get first dibs on it, with everyone else left to pick one up for the holidays. The only question in my mind, and the determining factor on a price point, would be what new tech the PS4 may introduce. A little food for thought here: Could there be a PS4 without a Blu-ray drive that comes with a 1 TB hard drive?

Sebastian Moss – Cloned Himself To Make The World More Beautiful (@SebMoss)

Well duh, they wouldn’t announce it in February – effectively stomping all over the GOW, TLOU and Beyond hype – if it wasn’t because they were desperately trying to cram in as much PS4 coverage before the end of year launch. Or – I should say – the end of year US and Japanese launch. Europe, Australia and all the PAL regions will obviously be left to 2014… which is totally understandable because Sony is a very small and new company that has never launched in these regions ever, and therefore shouldn’t be expected to be able to pull off what Apple, Samsung or Microsoft could.

Do you think the PlayStation 4 will be out by December 31st, 2013? Let us know in the comments below.