War Thunder Getting Project Morpheus Support On PlayStation 4

August 14, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


Gaijin Entertainment’s free-to-play combat flight simulator War Thunder is due to get Project Morpheus support for the PlayStation 4. The recently released game will be compatible with VR technology like the Oculus Rift on other platforms as well. 

Players will be able to play from inside the vehicles on ground and plane cockpits. The developer wants players to get a 360 degree view of the battlefield. 

War Thunder has accumulated eight million players across all platforms, with over 400 vehicles being used, and hundreds more still to be added. It remains to be seen whether VR support will help to increase these numbers or not. Just last month, SCE CEO Andrew House said that Project Morpheus is the “new frontier of game development” and that Sony is putting “significant investment” into the project. 

There’s no release date for a Morpheus-compatible version yet.