There’s “Still More Work to Do” on Planetside 2 PS4, No Release Date Given

August 16, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


Those who were hoping to get a release date for the PlayStation 4 version of Planetside 2 during SOE Live 2014 will be disappointed to note that we still don’t have a release date for either the game or the beta. However, SOE has provided an update, and has said that there’s “still more work to do” on the title.¬†

Since E3, “a bunch of progress” has been made to optimize Planetside 2’s interface for the PlayStation 4. SOE said:

At E3, the laragest challenge on bringing PlanetSide 2 to PS4 has been getting all the things that make it work on PC, work well on console with the experience of using the DualShock 4. So user interface has been huge.

While most of the loadout systems are done, the map and in-game store need work. All the developers have said is that the game will come in 2014. PlayStation LifesStyle previously interviewed Planetside 2 Art Director Tramell Isaac who stressed that the team wants to do justice to the PlayStation 4 version as opposed to simply releasing it.

[Source: Gamezone]