That’s You! Developer Worked With Sony to Enable the PS4 Wi-Fi Hotspot In-Game Feature


Available for free to PlayStation Plus members until October 24, That’s You! from Wish Studios is the first game in Sony’s PlayLink Initiative for PlayStation 4. It’s a party game featuring over 1,000 questions that supports up to six players, and requires you to use a smartphone or tablet as a controller.

In an interview with MCV, Wish Studios CEO Caspar Field revealed that they worked with Sony to enable a hidden PS4 feature that makes the console a Wi-Fi hotspot for their game:

Wish was one of the first developers involved in PlayLink, and it’s been fantastic to help explore and define what this thing is all about. We started prototyping around three-and-a-half years ago, exploring the potential of this new interface for console gaming.

We also had a long-running technology development track, to deliver a stable experience with two-to-six devices playing over Wi-Fi, and to make the connection process as low-friction as possible. We worked with the PlayStation system team to enable a hidden hardware feature, where players can use their PS4 as a Wi-Fi hotspot, if they don’t have Wi-Fi in their game room. There’s a lot going on under the hood of these titles, geared around good networking, ease-of-use, and accessibility.

As Sony explains in their help FAQ for That’s You, each player must have a mobile device running Android 4.4 (or later) or iOS 9.0 (or later), and must have the app (Google Play, iTunes) installed.

If you don’t want to (or can’t) connect your mobile devices to the same Wi-Fi network as your PS4, you can create a hotspot with your PS4. However, doing so will disable PSN features, and internet access won’t be provided on your mobile device:

PS4 Wi-Fi Hotspot

Connect your mobile devices to the Wi-Fi Hotspot created by your PS4 system:

  1. Start ‘That’s You!’ on your PS4 system.
  2. On the main ‘That’s You!’ menu on your PS4, press the OPTIONS button on the DualShock 4 wireless controller.
  3. On your PS4, select [Wi-Fi hotspot] > [Yes] > [Yes] to show the Wi-Fi hotspot details.
  4. On each mobile device go to the Settings menu and under Wi-Fi settings select the PS4 hotspot that you’ve just enabled.


  • Internet/PSN features will be disabled while the PS4 Wi-fi Hotspot connection remains active. Turn off the PS4 Wi-Fi Hotspot connection directly from the game settings or by closing the game.
  • The PS4 Wi-Fi hotspot feature doesn’t provide internet access on your mobile device. However, some devices will ask you if you want to use this internet connection when you connect to the PS4 Wi-Fi Hotspot. If this happens, select [Yes] and choose the option to not ask this again, if it’s available.

You can learn more about getting started with That’s You! over here.

Wish Studios is also working on Knowledge is Power, which is coming to PS4 later this year as part of the PlayLink Initiative. “It’s a new spin on the quiz genre, where trivia meets tricks and tactics, all brought to life with fun characters and Snapchat-style AR selfies, with thousands of connected questions to enjoy,” Field said.

That’s You! will be available to non-PS+ members beginning tomorrow both physically and digitally. Like every other PlayLink title, it will cost £20.

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