Project CARS to feature Karts, Players Will Experience “Thrill of Karting”

November 8, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan

project cars karts

Slightly Mad Studios has announced that its upcoming title, Project CARS, will allow players to race in 125cc shifter karts and 250cc Superkarts. The developer said that the 125cc shifter karts are “perfect” for short circuits and that the 250cc Superkarts are capable of speeds up to 160mph. 

Considered by some as the first step in any serious racer’s career, it can prepare the driver for high-speed wheel-to-wheel racing by helping develop quick reflexes, precise car control, and instinctive decision-making skills. In addition, it also introduces an awareness of the various tweakable parameters that can potentially improve the competitiveness of the kart (eg.. tire pressure, gearing, chassis stiffness) that will prove invaluable in higher levels of motorsport.

Project CARS was originally scheduled to release this month, however, Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios pushed its release date to March 2015, citing competition from household names as the reason for the delay.

[Source: Project Cars (official website)]