Capcom Says HD Remasters to Be “One of Our Key Business Activities”

May 18, 2015Written by Mark Labbe


It appears as if Capcom will be creating a lot more HD remasters in the future.

In a recent Q&A session that was focused on the company’s end of the year financial report, Capcom noted that HD remasters of some of their big hits will be “one of our key business activities.”

“HD remasters of our catalogue hit titles will be one of our key business activities … [digital sales] created new demand for these titles. For example, overseas download sales of “Resident Evil” (HD Remastered) in the past fiscal year were far higher than we expected.

“It is not a risk but rather the growth of the download sales channel gives users more options. We regard this as growth in opportunities to have allow access for more people to enjoy our games.”

Back in April, Capcom announced that Resident Evil HD Remaster, which was released on PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC in January of this year, sold over a million copies. Clearly, Capcom is hoping some of HD versions of some of their other big titles will do just as well. Which HD remasters of Capcom games do you want to see?

[Source: Capcom via GameSpot]