New Destiny Sub-Class Quests Won’t Reward Emblems Yet, The Taken King Soundtrack Releasing Soon

September 11, 2015Written by Mark Labbe


If you’re completing some of the new Destiny sub-class quests that were part of the large 2.0.0 update and they aren’t giving out Emblems yet, don’t worry, as Bungie says they are working as intended.

On the official Bungie forum, a list of different 2.0.0 update issues that the developer is aware of was posted, and it included an issue where players who completed activities from the Vanguard Legacy Playlist weren’t receiving rewards.

• Some players are able to access Emblems and Shaders from the Weapons Pack, SUROS Arsenal Pack and Collector’s Edition Exotic Guardian Class Items before 9/15/2015. All items will be made available to eligible players on 9/15/2015. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion that may have been caused.

• We’re aware of an issue where Patrols, Faction-specific Quests, and Strikes from the Vanguard Legacy Playlist are not granting the expected rewards upon completion. These rewards will be granted as expected for these activities starting on 9/15/2015. Patrols completed before this time will not retroactively grant rewards. Faction-specific Quests will be able to be completed at a later date.

• We’re aware of an issue where players may experience a Destiny application crash/freeze when multiple status effects are active. We’re actively investigating this matter.

• Xbox One players who have purchased The Taken King Collector’s Edition Upgrade via the in-game prompt are unable to install the added content at this time. We’re aware of this matter and are actively investigating.

However, Bungie explained that these rewards, such as the new Emblems, aren’t supposed to be available yet. Instead, players will have to finish more quests when The Taken King releases on September 15 to unlock them.

There appears to be some confusion surrounding the new sub-class emblems that can be found in the Emblem Collection. The new emblems, which can be found under The Taken King sub-heading, are new emblems that require the completion of certain content and/or Bounties that will be released when Destiny: The Taken King launches. Players who complete their new sub-class Quests do not qualify for these emblems yet. There will more steps to complete, starting on September 15.

In a separate forum post, Bungie also mentioned that The Taken King soundtrack will be coming out on the 15th, and fans will be able to download it from places like Amazon, iTunes, and the Bungie Store. Have you completed any sub-class quests yet? Are you looking forward to listening to The Taken King soundtrack?

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