NBA 2K16 Update Version 1.01 Bounces Out

September 24, 2015Written by Alex Co

While it’s actual official release is on September 29, more than a handful of basketball fans are already playing NBA 2K16 due to its Early Access promotion.

Checking my PlayStation 4, it seems Visual Concepts has quietly rolled out an NBA 2K16 update called “Version 1.01.” From the patch notes, it doesn’t seem to be anything major, but just stability fixes.

Here’s a screengrab I took just now:


Make sure to check back soon for our NBA 2K16 review, which will go up as soon as we can test the online out in the wild and then some. If you’re not hyped for it yet, go watch the trailer (called “Momentous) above to see what the fuss is all about.

Are you already playing NBA 2K16? How are you liking it so far? You can check out the NBA 2K16 player ratings per position and overall in the gallery below.