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PSN Flash Sale This Weekend Is All About Battleborn

July 22, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

In a surprising move, Sony has launched their second Flash Sale on the PlayStation Store this month in North America, deciding to just focus on Battleborn for PlayStation 4 this time around, as opposed to a variety of titles for all three platforms.

Running from today, July 22 until Monday, July 25 at 8am PT/11am ET, here’s the PSN Flash Sale discounts you’ll find on Battleborn for PS4:

  • Battleborn – $26.99 USD, $35.99 CAD (55% off)
  • Battleborn Digital Deluxe (includes Season Pass) – $29.99 USD, $37.99 CAD (60% off)

If you already own Battleborn, the Season Pass unfortunately isn’t on sale, and is still priced at $19.99.

You can see all of the other deals happening this week in North America by heading over here.

In other Battleborn news, Gearbox announced that Pendles, the second of five free post-launch playable characters, will be available on August 4 at 9am PT for 47,500 credits. Season Pass owners will receive earlier access to Pendles on July 28 at 9am PT.

Here’s his description:

A cold-blooded killer, Pendles hails from the same water-world as Alani, Akopos. As most adolescent Roa do, Pendles left home to explore and learn about other cultures. Completely unimpressed with these new learnings, Pendles found more enjoyment in murdering those cultures. Even better, people would pay him for his new found hobby. Don’t let his sweet pair of sneakers fool you. This assassin will sneak up behind you, poison you, eviscerate you with duel kamas, then slink away again in a blink of his one remaining eye.

Additionally, Lootpocalypse has been extended until Monday, July 25 at 8am PT, and Legendary drop rates have been increased even more.

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