Report: Final Fantasy XV Might Receive Additional PS4 Pro Support After Launch

October 23, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan


Over the weekend, Spanish website Hobby Consolas published an interview with Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata, translations of which made rounds on various forums and social media. In particular, Tabata made a statement about PlayStation 4 Pro support that seems to have been misconstrued a little bit.

In response to a question about the PS4 Pro version, Tabata mentioned that taking full advantage of the upgraded hardware would require a lot of additional time and effort, which is something that the team cannot manage at the moment. As a result, people started questioning whether Final Fantasy XV supports PS4 Pro at all or not but it seems that Tabata’s response was taken out of context.

According to a translation courtesy of Mognet Central user Lulost, what Tabata is actually saying is that Final Fantasy XV doesn’t take “full” advantage of the PS4 Pro at the moment, however, the hardware might receive additional support at a later date. Here’s a translation the user provided (verbatim), which seems to make more sense:

Q: Will FFXV be coming to PCs? Also, what about the PS4 Pro version of the game, the improvements will consist only in 4K and HDR or there’ll be modes/configurations for the player to choose how the game looks?

HT: About the PC we’re focusing all our efforts into the console versions of the game. So we’re not looking into it right now to be honest. Making a PC version of the game would mean we’d have to readjust a lot of stuff and concentrate solely on developing it, even though the development team has shown interest in getting a PC version out at some point. About the PS4 PRO, it’s basically the same thing about the PC – if we wanted to take full advantage of the new hardware that would mean putting in much effort and time to make the game look and run better…and time is something we don’t have right now neither we had foreseen the PS4 Pro existence before. In the future, with some dedication and time maybe we can get a PS4 Pro version of the game that can take advantage of the systems capabilities. But as of right now the game has maxed out the PS4 horsepower.

In other words, the game wasn’t built with the PS4 Pro in mind. Although Square Enix is supporting the hardware, in order to take full advantage, the developer will need additional time, which is something the team might look into post launch.

Does this make sense to our readers?

[Source: Hobby Consolas via Mognet Central, NeoGAF]