Here’s a Helpful Video on Replacing a Broken DualShock 4 Case With Replacement Shell/Parts

January 15, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan

There’s an overabundance of videos on the internet that are meant to guide viewers on taking apart their consoles and controllers in case they need to fix or clean them up. I personally find most of them hard to follow because, well, I’m admittedly paranoid about taking these things apart. But sometimes, there’ll be an odd video or two that’ll make it all pretty simple to follow, and the video above is one such guide that I came across.

Posted on Reddit by a user who identifies as F0551, the video shows you how to replace a functioning DualShock 4’s casing and parts if you somehow break it. In this guy’s case, his dog chewed it out but a couple of months ago, I dropped my controller and found myself in the same exact scenario. If you have the time and interest, instead of paying for a new controller, you can pick up a housing kit from eBay and save your money. Check out the video for some help on this.

Have our readers successfully taken apart their DualShock 4 for fixing and cleaning? Feel free to share tips, tricks, or even helpful resources with us and other readers.