Nioh Update 1.06 Today Adds New Sub Missions, The Ability to Pause

March 24, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


Now available to download, Nioh update 1.06 adds new sub missions, new titles and smithing texts for those missions, the ability to pause the game by pressing Options while in the status menu, and more.

Here’s what the patch notes say about the new missions and a few of the other changes:


  • Added New Sub Missions – To play the new missions, you need to have reached the final part of the game. These new missions do not affect the Trophy requirements for Samurai of Legend.
  • Added New Titles – Obtainable in additional missions
  • Added New Smithing Texts – Obtainable in additional missions

Adjustments and Improvements

  • Pressing the Options button in the status menu will now pause the game (unable to use during multiplayer mode and summoning visitors)
  • Raised the limit for the number of smithing materials that can be carried to 9999
  • Can now skip through items using the left and right keys in the equipment screen

Added the Following Settings to Basic Game Settings in the System Menu:

  • Enabled on/off function for Reset Camera When Pressing Lock-On Without a Target
  • Enabled on/off function for Display Item Level (Not Multiplier) in Equipment List
  • Rarity Color Patterns allows you to change the text color for each rarity.

You can see the rest of the changes in the patch in the below gallery.

According to a translation of the Japanese patch notes, the 10 new missions are called Sword Sister’s Youngest Brother (Dojo/Autumn), Transfer (Dojo), Two Shadows (Iga), Iga Stream (Iga), Amusement’s Entertainment (Hieizan), The Rest of the Darkness (Yin Yang Cave), Pandemonium (Hieizan), Wandering and Falling (Ibuki), Lonely Sword (Hades), and Collection of Crumbs (Azuchi).

If you live in North America, Nioh, the Nioh Deluxe Edition, and the Nioh Season Pass are on sale through the PlayStation Store until Saturday, March 25 at 8am PT/11am ET.

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