Hammerlock Gunzerker Header

Third Borderlands 2 DLC Details Extracted From Update File

More enemies, weapons, customization options, and a new continent!


PlatinumGames “Would Love” to Make Another Metal Gear Spinoff

Would be nice if it came to the Vita…


God of War’s Kratos was Originally Supposed to be Blue

Blame it on Diablo.


Levine Responds to Outcries Against BioShock Infinite From Political Activist Groups

White supremacists aren’t too happy with the situation in Columbia.

Bolid Bake Punches a Whale

Internet Hoaxes and the Hype Train: Metal Phantom Pain Gear Solid Vita Infinity Edition

MGS V confirmed: Bolid Bake rides a unicorn, dancing mini-games, and a secret use for your Rock Band drumset


SuperBot Job Listings Indicate PlayStation All-Stars Sequel may be in the Works

PSABR 2 anyone?


Naughty Dog: Multiplayer in The Last of Us “Will Stand on its Own”

Plus it won’t take away resources from work on the single-player.

The Last Of Us BoxArt Header

The Last of Us Box Art, Pre-Order Bonuses and Multiplayer

You know you saw this one coming.


Levine Comments on BioShock Vita, The Ball is in Sony and Take-Two’s Court

Just waiting on the suits.


Journey Soundtrack Nominated For Grammy Award

Validating games as an art form one nomination at a time.


Tomb Raider Art Director: “As an Industry We’ve Grown up, but not Enough”

We’re getting there.

the walking dead ep 5 header

Gilbert: Success of The Walking Dead Proves that Adventure Games Can Have Mass Market Appeal

The genre isn’t dead just yet.


Another Disaster Like the Launch of FFXIV Could be the End of Square, Claims Director

One more strike and you’re out.


Insomniac Defends Their Decision to Launch Fuse so Late in the Console Cycle, Gamers “Want New IP All the Time”

New ideas don’t require new hardware.

PS4 Logo

Ubisoft CEO Believes “We Need New Consoles” to Ignite Innovation

Here we come Watch_Dogs!


DICE Currently Working on Projects Other Than Battlefield

Mirror’s Edge 2 perhaps?


Daily Reaction: How Indie Games Can Move Us and Change the Industry

We Move…off the couch.


BioWare Montreal Asks Fans: Should ME4 be a Prequel or Sequel?

Which would you prefer?


Job Listing Indicates Sledgehammer is Working on New Call of Duty Title for PS3 and Xbox 360

Sledgehammer, Y U no next-gen?!