BioShock Infinite Video Shows the Creation of Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth.

thq bankrupt header

Court Approves THQ Employee Severance and Benefit Extensions, As Long as They Sign Antidefamation Clause

The workers of THQ won’t have to walk away empty handed it seems.


Aksys Games Having Disaster Relief Donation Drive

Buy a great game you may have missed, support a good cause. Everyone wins.


Epic Mickey Developer Junction Point Closes Up Shop

Making way for Disney Infinity :(


Layoffs hit PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s SuperBot Entertainment

Possibly 20 staff.

Dead Space 3 Interview Header

“We are a Dead Space Game”: DS3 Senior Producer David Woldman Talks Story, Game Mechanics and The Future

We talk replayability, the Dead Space story, the future of the franchise, and more.


Double Fine Reportedly Considering Purchase of THQ Assets

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if every major player in the industry gets involved.


PSN Getting Series of Downloadable Retro Arcade Games From Capcom

Your PS3 doubles as a time machine.


CyberConnect2 has Three “Original New Works” in Development

And they’re all probably going to be insanely ridiculous.


David Cage Discusses the Absurdity in Using New Engine for Beyond: Two Souls, “We’re Just Crazy People”

It’s not about money, but the love of the craft.


Rumor: Ubisoft Looking to Purchase THQ’s Studios and IPs

I’m guessing Saints Row is at the top of their wishlist.


Metal Gear Solid V/The Phantom Pain Alternate Trailer Released

Let the wave of new theories begin.


Capcom Lowers Financials to Compensate for Lackluster RE6 Sales

More action isn’t necessarily better.


Konami Open to Working With PlatinumGames on a Metal Gear Rising Follow-Up



Next Assassin’s Creed III Patch Available Today

The broken Animus gets a repair tech.

Hammerlock Gunzerker Header

Third Borderlands 2 DLC Details Extracted From Update File

More enemies, weapons, customization options, and a new continent!


PlatinumGames “Would Love” to Make Another Metal Gear Spinoff

Would be nice if it came to the Vita…


God of War’s Kratos was Originally Supposed to be Blue

Blame it on Diablo.


Levine Responds to Outcries Against BioShock Infinite From Political Activist Groups

White supremacists aren’t too happy with the situation in Columbia.

Bolid Bake Punches a Whale

Internet Hoaxes and the Hype Train: Metal Phantom Pain Gear Solid Vita Infinity Edition

MGS V confirmed: Bolid Bake rides a unicorn, dancing mini-games, and a secret use for your Rock Band drumset