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Media Molecule Asks Daily Reaction: How is Your Favorite Cheese Like Your Favorite Game?

So cheesy we almost crack-er up.


Volition’s Jim Boone Asks Daily Reaction: What Was the Most Intriguing Game of E3?

Boone goes the dynamite.


“Our Goal is to Scare The Shit Out of Players”: Outlast Devs Talk PS4, PS Plus and Horror

Keep an eye open…or else.

SR4 Jim Boone

Volition Talks Saints Row IV, The Death of THQ and Next-Gen Consoles

No relation to Ed Boon, I think.


Zombie Studios Discuss PS4 Development, F2P and Self-Publishing

Not only gamers love the PS4.


Ted Price Asks Daily Reaction: What is the Biggest Problem in the Games Industry?

Ted’s in the driver’s seat this time.

Tech and Games

What Tech Pundits Need to Understand: PlayStation is a Part of Tech, Until It is Not

For those who don’t get the “Double Life”.

Indies on Vita

How Sony is Turning the PS Vita Into the Ultimate Indie Device and What it Means for the PS4

Developers! Developers! Developers!


Epic Games VP on PS4: “It’s Like Giving You the World’s Best PC”

The perfect gaming PC for a fraction of the cost? Sign me up!


BioShock Infinite Video Shows the Creation of Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth.

thq bankrupt header

Court Approves THQ Employee Severance and Benefit Extensions, As Long as They Sign Antidefamation Clause

The workers of THQ won’t have to walk away empty handed it seems.


Aksys Games Having Disaster Relief Donation Drive

Buy a great game you may have missed, support a good cause. Everyone wins.


Epic Mickey Developer Junction Point Closes Up Shop

Making way for Disney Infinity :(


Layoffs hit PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s SuperBot Entertainment

Possibly 20 staff.

Dead Space 3 Interview Header

“We are a Dead Space Game”: DS3 Senior Producer David Woldman Talks Story, Game Mechanics and The Future

We talk replayability, the Dead Space story, the future of the franchise, and more.


Double Fine Reportedly Considering Purchase of THQ Assets

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if every major player in the industry gets involved.


PSN Getting Series of Downloadable Retro Arcade Games From Capcom

Your PS3 doubles as a time machine.