Uncharted: Fight for Fortune Officially Unveiled, Coming to PS Vita Next Month

Drake card beats all.

ps3 backwards compatibility

Backwards Compatibility in PS4 Could be “Very Difficult to Achieve” Guesses Game Developer

Is Uncharted 3 eternally bound to the PlayStation 3?


Capcom Assures Blue Bomber Fans That More Mega Man is Coming

Here’s to another 25 years!


Ancel Focused on Rayman Legends, Beyond Good & Evil 2 On The Back Burner

Better luck next generation.


Ubisoft Possibly Looking to Purchase IP From THQ

Ubisoft’s wishlist: Saints Row, Darksiders, Metro…


Former Square Exec Believes Merger With Enix has Been a “Complete Failure”

That’s awfully harsh don’t you think?

DmC Devil May Cry

Capcom: Even Though DmC is Locked at 30FPS, it Looks Like it Runs at 60

DmC: The Power of Illusion.


THQ Delays South Park, Loses Millions, Needs to Raise Capital

Speculations that THQ could be looking to sell.


Crytek: PlayStation “Could be the Key Console” if Sony Continues to Support Free-to-Play

The tides have turned.


Arkane: Dishonored’s Corvo Wasn’t Originally Silent

Speak up, would ya!


Capcom Celebrates Record High Income for First Half of Fiscal 2013

All thanks to Resident Evil 6.

Penis Monster Header

Developer Threatens EA With Penis Monster

Happy Halloween…Run away from the sleazy snail monster!


Infinity Ward Claims no Voice Work has Been Done on Modern Warfare 4

Deny, deny, deny.


LucasArts Talks Buyout: “For the Time Being all Projects are Business as Usual”

Still pluggin’ away.


Stardrone Dev: It’s Easier to Develop on Vita Than iOS

Let’s hope some indie devs flock to the ‘adult’ portable gaming console (that actually features buttons.)


Screenplay for Assassin’s Creed Movie Now Underway

Hooray! Another movie tie-in…


Vigil Games’ Co-Founder Leaves Darksiders 2 Developer

Devs are dropping like flies!


BioWare is Finished With Commander Shepard, Next Mass Effect Title Won’t Have Same Protagonist

So long, Commander Shepard.

insider featured

Mega Publisher: Creativity is Outsourced, Cloud Gaming is Serious, and Consoles are Contracting

Motivated by money, and funding the games you love. Here’s what a publisher is willing to say, off the record.


Human Head Reassures Fans Prey 2 has not Been Canned, “Only in Limbo”

There’s still hope!