Watch Dogs Review (PS4)

99 problems and a glitch ain’t one.


Transistor Review (PS4)

“We all become…”

Joust Logo

J.S. Joust’s Doug Wilson Talks About The History and Future of Sportsfriends

Have you Jousted?


Sportsfriends Review (PS3/PS4)

A great excuse to dust off the old Move controllers.

Cel Damage HD

Cel Damage HD Code Giveaway – Super Easy Contest Edition

About as simple as it gets.


Natural Doctrine Review (PS4 Import)

Heads will roll. Mostly yours.


Morpheus Rift: Ideas For Sony’s VR Headset, as Influenced by Oculus

Seeing is believing.


Child of Light Review (PS4)

A testament to games as art… or is it art as games?


Here’s 11 Things you Need to Know About PS4 Firmware Update 1.70

Turn it up to 11!

The last of Us Remastered

Why The PS4 Should Stop Getting HD Remakes and Find its Own Identity

A future update will rename the PS4 to “PS3.5″.


Lousy Smarch Weather – PlayStation JapanStyle Smarch 2014

Playin’ those Japanese games in my cold, cold house.

GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport Hands-On Preview (PS3)

Buckle up, this isn’t a one trick pony.

Child of Light

Child of Light PAX East Preview (PS4/PS3)

My precious!

Project Morpheus

GDC 2014: Hands-On Project Morpheus – Sony’s VR Headset

A must-have experience.

Ground Zeroes Review header

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review (PS4)

“What was that noise?!? Oh, it’s just a box…”


inFAMOUS Second Son Review (PS4)

Smoke, Neon, and… hah! I’m not telling!


Sony Announces Project Morpheus VR Headset for PS4 at GDC

It’s real, reality… virtually.


Dark Souls 2 Review (PS3)

Let your soul glo.


Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Review (Vita)

Like a Jecht Shot to the top corner, this pack scores.

Dark Souls 2

PSLS Interviews Dark Souls 2 Producer Takeshi Miyazoe

Prepare to read.