Scuf Impact New Features in 60 Seconds Featured

SCUF Impact Features & Overview in 60 Seconds

Four paddles!


Agents of Mayhem Interview – Building a Franchise & Not Being a Saint

This agent knows mayhem!

Now Loading Scorpio

Now Loading…What Do You Think of the Project Scorpio Specs?

Yep, it’s a beast!

Help Desk

PSLS Help Desk: PlayStation VR Care and Maintenance

Take care of your stuff!

Persona 5 14

Persona 5 Review – Out of Sight (PS4)

Spend a year in Tokyo.


Skyforge Early Access Premium Packs Giveaway

You’re a god.

Top 5 reasons why Persona 5 is a must play Featured

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Play Persona 5

Well, you really should!

Yooka-Laylee Review – Blast From the Past (PS4)

Time to take down Capital B!


Best First-Party Vita Games

Sony used to make some darn good Vita games!


Persona 5 – Everything You Need to Know

The Phantom Thieves of Hearts have come in search of your free time and sanity.

PlayStation Plus Games Showdown - US PAL vs. Asia Featured

Versus – US/EU PlayStation Plus vs. Asia PlayStation Plus

Let’s do this!

Help Desk

PSLS Help Desk: How to Use PlayStation Apps to Stay Connected

It’s a connected world.


Now Loading…Is Call of Duty: WWII a Good or Bad Idea?

Will Battlefield fans have something to say, ya think?

PlayStation Trophy Theory First Bronze trophy

Trophy Theory: Trophies, What Are They Good For?

Absolutely nothing?


Trove Credits, Gem Boxes and Patron Points Giveaway

Prepare for lots of in-game stuff!

little nightmares

Little Nightmares Preview – Nightmare Fuel (PS4)

Just might be a nightmare worth having.


Tekken 7 Preview – Rage Is Art (PS4)

Fated to be faithful to the arcade version.


No Season Pass for Mass Effect Andromeda, but Will Other Games Follow in Its Footsteps?

A combination of free and paid add-ons looks to be the welcome alternative.

Everything Wrong With Mass Effect Andromeda Featured

Everything Wrong With Mass Effect Andromeda (No Spoilers)

Unrealized potential.