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PSLS Help Desk: Injustice 2 Brainiac – How to Unlock Without Paying

Don’t waste your money! You can unlock Brainiac for free.


Farpoint Review – Aiming for Greatness (PSVR)

Does as many things right as it does wrong.

E3 2017 Sony predictions

E3 2017 Predictions – What Sony’s Studios Will Show at the Event

Here’s what to expect from Sony’s internal studios at E3 2017!


Now Loading…Which Publisher Should Pick Up Io-Interactive

Who should take Hitman?

Top 5 Confirmed E3 2017 Appearances We're Most Hyped For Featured

Top 5 Confirmed Games We’re Most Excited to See at E3 2017

Sony has it gooood!


Sniper Elite 4 Game Giveaway!



Raiders of the Broken Planet Closed Beta Preview – Working Together (PS4)

Check out the latest from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow developer MercurySteam.


PS4 Rhythm Games – A Look at Current and Upcoming Titles

All these games will make you get down with the beat.


The 10 Best Video Game Moms

It’s time to celebrate Mother’s Day!


Farpoint – Everything You Need to Know

Ready, aim, fire!

Stream Deck Review Featured Correct

Elgato Stream Deck Review – Convenience Mastered

More than just a meme machine!


Injustice 2 – Everything You Need to Know

The DC Universe is at war with itself (again).

Help Desk

PSLS Help Desk – How to Get PS4 Service

Includes service instructions for all PlayStation products.


10 PS4 Adventure Games You Need to Play

Use mouse on headline.

Late Shift Review 1

Late Shift Game Giveaway! (Update)

FMV goodness for free!

Editor's Letter 555x328

Editor’s Letter – PSLS Coverage for E3 2017 and Community PlayList

The PlayList is coming back!

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Now Loading…Should Dead Space 4 Happen or Should It Remain in Stasis?

Hell yes, or hell no?!


Whatever Happened to the Video Game Demo?

Has the retro concept perished, or simply taken on a new form?


Prey Review – Harrowing Space Odyssey (PS4)

Pray that you make it out of Talos-1 intact!