SCUF Infinity 4PS Gamer's Bundle Header

Scuf Infinity 4PS Gamer’s Bundle Overview in 60 Seconds

Here’s all the included goodies!

SCUF Infinity 4PS New Features Header

Scuf Infinity 4PS New Features in 60 Seconds

This new Scuf controller is even more tricked out!

Horizon Zero Dawn 07 555x328

Horizon Zero Dawn Delayed, But Should PS4 Users Expect More From Sony?

Japanese giant now three for three on AAA titles missing the holiday window.


E3 2016 Third-Party Press Conferences Preview

E3 2016 is looking great!


Now Loading…What Are Your E3 2016 Predictions?

Check your crystal ball!


10 Indie Games to Look Out for at E3 2016

These games should definitely be on your radar!


E3 2016 Sony First Party Studios – What We Know So Far

Who will be showing new games?

Top 5 Reasons Why We Aren't Excited for E3 Header

Top 5 Reasons Why We’re Not Excited for E3

The madness starts soon!


PS4 Games That Can Steal the Show at E3 2016

10 reasons to be excited!

Editor's Letter 555x328

Editor’s Letter – E3 2016 Press Conference Schedules and PSLS’ Coverage

We have a lot coming before, during and after the event!

Mirrors Edge Catalyst Review – Faithful Formation (PS4)

Faith is back, and she brought gadgets.


The Clickbait Podcast Episode 18 – What Makes Overwatch So Special?

Plus a few of our early E3 dreams!


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Everything You Need to Know

Get ready to explore Faith’s origins.


Everything Wrong With Overwatch

Yes, we know we gave it a 10!

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Forgotten SEGA Franchises That Need a PS4 Entry

No Hedgehogs Allowed


SMITE Ultimate God Pack PS4 Giveaway

What kind of god are you?

Now Loading...Are You OK With Multiplayer-Only $60 Games

Now Loading…Are You OK With Multiplayer-Only $60 Games?

Dawn of a new age?