Confirmed PS4 Games Out in Q1 2017

TONS of good stuff in Q1!

Most Anticipated Games 2017

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We may have voted on the Most Anticipated Games of 2017, but here are our individual picks!

Obduction PSVR rand miller interview

Myst Creator Rand Miller Interview – Obduction & Growing Games Development

He talks about his influences and experiences in an evolving industry.


Fighting Games That Should Make a Return

Fists of Fire? Yes.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Can Bring Expansions Back to Prominence

Is this a sign of more expansions to come?

Top 5 Things Sony Needs to Do to Rule 2017 Featured

Top 5 Things Sony Needs to Do to Rule 2017

Can Sony pull it off?


2016 Was the Best Year Ever for First-Person Shooters

Reflect on a landmark year.

New Year's Gaming Resolutions With Text

PlayStation LifeStyle New Year Gaming Resolutions

No “clear my backlog” resolutions here, folks!

Year in Review 2016

Year in Views – The Most Read Stories and Reviews of 2016

You might be surprised…

Editor's Letter 555x328

Editor’s Letter – 2016 Ending and What You Want to See in 2017

What do you want to see here in PSLS come 2017?

PSLS Year In Video 2016 Featured

PlayStation LifeStyle Year in Videos

See which videos got the most views!


10 Great 2016 PS4 Games You Overlooked

Have you played these games?

Help Desk

PSLS Help Desk – Managing PS4 Payment Methods and Options

Manage your account with our guide.

overlooked vita games

10 Great 2016 Vita Games You Overlooked

The Vita had some solid under the radar releases this year.


Are Sequels, Publishers Or a Crowded Calendar to Blame for 2016’s Video Game Disappointments?

Plus, is ‘sequelitis’ really the correct diagnosis?

Top 5 Worst Gaming Fails of 2016 Featured

Top 5 Worst Gaming Fails of 2016

These are the low points of 2016!


Best PlayStation VR Games of 2016

Escape the real world with these great games!


Now Loading…What Will You Be Playing This Christmas Weekend?

Holiday gaming time!


PlayStation LifeStyle Game of the Year 2016 Winner!

2016’s finest!

Help Desk

Help Desk – PS4 Rest Mode Power Consumption Pros & Cons

Do you leave it in rest mode or off?