The Round-Up 06

The Round-Up – PlayStation News Now Recap (7/3/17 – 7/7/17)

All the week’s most interesting stuff in one place!

Neverwinter 01

Neverwinter Azureous Lion Mount Giveaway – First Come, First Served!

Hurry before they’re all gone!

Astro A10 Review – Stellar Budget Performance (PS4)

Great sound for only the cost of a game!

Top 5 Xbox One X Features We Want the PS4 Pro to Implement

Top 5 Xbox One X Features We Want the PS4 to Implement

Not even joking.


Now Loading…What Game Are You Looking Forward to the Most Later in 2017

There can be only one…

Uncharted The Lost Legacy E3 2017 (1)

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chat With Shaun Escayg – The Sum of Uncharted

Hints at photo mode and the future of the Uncharted franchise.


Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Review – Platforming Memories (PS4)

The classic memories are back and rebuilt in beautiful HD.

Q3 2017 00

Confirmed PS4 Games Out in Q3 2017

Calm before the storm…


Crash Bandicoot Retrospective: 20+ Years of Spinning

Read on to know everything about the former face of PlayStation.

Now Loading...What's Your Pick for GoTY 2017 So Far

Now Loading…What’s Your Game of the Year 2017 Pick So Far?

It’s our mid-year Game of the Year pick!


Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – Everything You Need to Know


VR Invaders review 3

VR Invaders PSVR Game Giveaway!

Stop the invasion!

Top 5 Uncharted Spin-Offs Featured

Top 5 Uncharted Spin Offs We Want to See (No Spoilers)

Let’s hope one of these actually become reality.

ClickSticks by The Controller People in 60 Seconds Featured

ClickSticks Custom PS4 Controller by The Controller People

Trigger or Stud?

Best of E3 2017

PlayStation LifeStyle Best of E3 2017 Awards

Which games do you think won?

Evil controllers evil shift e3 2017 2

Evil Controllers PS4 Evil Shift Hardware Preview – A Natural Custom Controller (PS4)

The most comfortable of custom controllers.

E3 2017 – Gran Turismo Sport Hands-On Preview – Nothing Else Like It (PS4)

Racing, now in 4K HDR 60fps BT.2020, and more acronyms I might be forgetting!!!

middle earth shadow of war e3 2017 2

E3 2017 – Middle-earth: Shadow of War Preview – Preparing an Army (PS4)

Deepens and expands on everything from the first game.