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Report: Ni No Kuni Co-Developer to be Taken Over by Japanese Entertainment Company Dwango

It isn’t Disney.

Ni No Kuni Co-Developer Studio Ghibli Undergoing Restructuring, Rumored to be Shutting Down

We’re still hoping for the best.

Level-5 Interested in Teaming up With Studio Ghibli Again for Castle in the Sky Game

One can only hope!

Tokyo Game Show Off-Screen Footage of Ni no Kuni

Following the news today that Level-5 would be bringing Ni no Kuni over to North America, we now have found a lot of off-screen footage of the game from this years Tokyo Game Show.

Magical New Ni no Kuni Trailer Released

Developer Level-5, the group behind White Knight Chronicles 2, has released a new trailer for another one of their upcoming games, Ni no Kuni: Shiroki Seihai no Joou.