Why Everyone Will Eventually Love Super Stardust HD

Easily one of the most popular games available on the PSN, Super Stardust HD just gets better and better. SSDHD recently has had a solo pack add-on made available, which I suggest everyone purchase. Yes, that is the same add-on that was announced here first. It brought several new game modes, Endless is currently my favorite, and a new retro soundtrack.

On the UK Playstation site, it is being reported that the multiplayer add-on pack will be coming in May. This add-on will bring:

  • split-screen co-op
  • 2 to 4-player verses matches
  • ship and trophy editor
  • levels generated based on the music you have on your HDD
  • and more to be announced

The site is touting SSDHD as a party pick. I would have to wholeheartedly agree. It is simply nonstop fun on single player. I can’t imagine a 4-player verses mode or even editing my ship and playing through the arcade mode with my friends and family. There hasn’t been any confirmation of there being an online co-op feature, but it still could be announced.

There are more top down shooters coming to PSN, this will remain one of the most popular.

Thanks for reading.