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Sony: Declining to Comment = Confirming?

Sony is normally quick to debunk rumors, when something is just not factual…  Well Sony has still yet to debunk any of the info that we have provide you, the readers, with over the past week or two regarding FW 2.40 and the “PS3mote”

While I was confident in PlayStation LifeStyle’s exclusive insider info, seeing that Sony isnt commenting on, or debunking these rumors leads me to believe we hit the nail right on the head…

Today Eurogamer posted this statement…

“Sony has declined to comment on speculation that it is making its very own Wiimote-style controller for PS3.”

Last friday Eurogamer released this statement…

“Sony Europe has declined to comment on suggestions the latest PS3 firmware update will include the highly sought after XMB.”

Another instance of Sony not commenting on the 2.40 rumors is with Jeff Rubenstein – PlayStation Social Media Manager (Jeff, I know you’re reading this, email me, its E3 related, and I promise I wont ask about FW 2.40 🙂 ), and his non-response to the fans commenting, asking about FW 2.40

Here is two such examples.

PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read

The PSB & Weekly Recap

Normally Jeff, is quick to debunk rumors…  as shown in the link below….

GDC Tuesday: PlayStation Blogger Lounge Day 1 Highlights

All this leads me to believe that Sony is sitting back and enjoying the free advertising and hype surrounding FW 2.40…

I dont blame them, in fact its good business.  Good work Sony…  We’ll keep helping we dont mind…


Jeff Rubenstein has just responded about the FW 2.40 rumors and still has not debunked the rumor…

“Jeff Rubenstein replied on June 2, 2008 at 9:16 am

We’re linking to news rather than rumors. Seeing as how firmware news almost always originates right here, *we* will carry that news.”