Driving a Square Peg Into a Round Hole

Many of you might have become aware of the fact that Square Enix held a press conference announcing that Star Ocean 4 was exclusive to the 360. On top of that, it has announced that The Last Remnant will be a timed exclusive on the system as well. My jaw dropped when I got this information. Not only was I severely disappointed (huge Star Ocean fan), but I was also baffled by the move. I’m not saying that just because I own and prefer the PS3 that it deserves all of the titles, but…I will ask a question or possible a few that calls into question this decision by our good friends at Square Enix.

At the beginning of this generation, Square Enix stated that it would attempt to support all of the consoles in a more equal manner. Some people applauded. I didn’t. The decision regarding Star Ocean 4 and The Last Remnant are obviously affirmation of this newly adopted policy. PlayStation owners have already suffered what has been described as a betrayal by Capcom when it released Devil May Cry 4 on the 360 after being a PlayStation staple. At least Capcom also decided to release this popular title on its “home” console as well.

Square Enix is taking a RPG away from the fan base that loves it and giving it to another. It would be one thing if the 360 offered Square Enix a myriad of RPG hungry fans. Possibly it does to some extent. However, it is more known for having individuals that love shooters (Halo) and action titles such as Devil May Cry. Square Enix is at liberty to make any decision it likes regarding where it will release its games, but wouldn’t it be wiser to release this on a console that is known for having people that love RPGs? Has Square Enix not read the many articles and threads of PS3 owners crying for RPGs?

Though the press release was recent, I believe that this might have been known on some level for a while. Why? Kaz has come out and said that there may be a change in policy regarding exclusive titles. I’m not saying that the 360 paid for Square Enix’s titles, but I’d be foolish to not at least consider it. I’m more saddened by the fact that Sony didn’t beat them to it on this regard. I didn’t cry when we lost DMC4, though I enjoy the title, it isn’t something that crushed me. This on the other hand has severely wounded me. We do still have FF XIII and Versus, but I want my Star Ocean. It is possible that we may see this down the line. You never really know with exclusivity these days any way. With Namco Bandai already throwing its RPG weight around in a confusing manner, what are we PS3 owners to do?

How should Sony address this RPG issue? Will Square Enix do something for us poor disheartened PS3 owners? Time will tell.